SFS celebrated Amelia Porcelli as she became a Bat Mitzvah on May 29. Amelia did great and she was fortunate to have had her Bat Mitzvah on her actual 13th birthday in our sanctuary. We were reunited in this building that has been closed for many months due to Covid, but it is the sanctuary where she has learned every prayer, recited every sh’ma, rehearsed every spiel, and sung every STAV performance. We hope Amelia’s love for Judaism, paired with the teachings and values from Sinai Free Synagogue will remain with her forevermore. The service was dedicated to Amelia’s beloved Grandma Roslyn Porcelli, who passed when she was only 5 years old but taught her so much Jewish culture in that short time. Roz gave Amelia her Hebrew name, Breindel Rivkah, meaning a captivating blessing. Amelia lives up to this name beautifully. May God bless her today and always. Here are a few photos from the Friday night Shabbat service via zoom and the in-person event.

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