SinaiFree Film Society Discussion - "Keep Quiet"

07 Jun @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The SinaiFree Film Society will discuss the documentary “Keep Quiet”

As a rising star in Jobbik, a far-right extremist party in Hungary, Csanad Szegedi espoused anti-Semitic rhetoric and Holocaust denials. He was a founder of the Hungarian Guard, a now-banned militia inspired by the Arrow Cross Party, a pro-Nazi group complicit in the deportation and murder of thousands of Jews during WWII. But his life was upended when he learned that his maternal grandparents were Jewish, and that his beloved grandmother is an Auschwitz survivor. “Keep Quiet” depicts Szegedi’s three-year journey to embrace his newfound religion. The revelation prompts an improbable conversion from anti-Semite to Orthodox Jew. But is his transformation genuine? Or does he simply have nowhere else to turn?

This film can be streamed for free on Kanopy and Chai Flicks (subscription).  It can be rented for $2.99 on Vudu; for $3.99 on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube and GooglePlay; and for $4.99 on Kino Now. There is one DVD in the Westchester Library System.