Kabbalah 102 Zoom Adult Education

29 Mar @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Our second Kabbalah session will be led by Peter Grand with commentary by Rabbi Barzilai.

Dividing the waters above from the waters below, Genesis recounts a mystical vision of creation beyond simple light.  From the eleventh through sixteenth centuries, with Jerusalem in decline, in Southern Europe and the Galilee, the Jewish diaspora conceived Kabbalah, an evolving shared vision of the enclothment of divine light, of an inner and an outer light.

Now that AI has passed the Turing test by C+ or better, we must examine what distinguishes our own awareness from machine intelligence.  What is spirit?  Is the universe alive and aware or just mechanistic?  How can free will exist?  The history of Kabbalah offers two intertwined resources that evolve and resonate today: a mythological literature and a systematic philosophy.

Peter Grand, a long-time teacher at our SFS Academy, leads a second introductory tour and discussion of the history of Jewish Kabbalistic literature.  No esoteric background required!