Holy Sparks Shabbat Service

12 Jul @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Rabbi Mo and Cantor Amy will lead our Holy Sparks Shabbat Service in the sanctuary and on zoom.

Holy Sparks Shabbats are designed to be innovating, enlightening, and uplifting. We set the tone for Shabbat with a learning experience from a special presenter followed by our inspiring worship services.

Brandon Coreale, our presenter, is one of our newer congregants and a member of our choir. He is a high school English teacher at Atmosphere Academy, a charter school in the Bronx.

How Justice and Music Brought me home from Corpus Christi, to Sinai’s doorstep

I grew up in a mixed religious home of Jews and Episcopalians in the south. I have spent most of my life leading music for worship services starting at the age of 15 years old. I have always been spiritually connected through music, believing that one who sings, prays twice. But as I grew I realized, like many LGBTQIA kids, that I was different. Living in a conservative area of the country I was introduced to homophobia and antisemitism at an early age. Experiencing these injustices made me acutely aware of how every person deserves to live life with dignity. This passion reached a culmination as I attended Shabbat in college and the rabbi spoke of Justice. He stood on the bimah and began his d’var torah with the sentence “tzedek! Justice! That is what I require of you!” This moment is when I knew, I was home.

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