Kabbalah Study

22 Nov @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Erev Thanksgiving Kabbalah with Peter

On Thanksgiving, we appreciate the warmth of our American families.

As diaspora Jews, this secular holiday is a time of inward gathering and outward assimilation.

In a time of inner and outer conflict, in a culture that accepts and rejects us, we hardly know how to share gratitude and heal division.

Our younger generation, returning from their outbound journeys, will be deeply affected by these crosscurrents.

The table has been set with irreconcilable claims and conflict between two Abrahamic families.

Can we gain insights from our own long history of exile?  Can we center and integrate wisdom from our own and other traditions?  Can we continue to understand, support, and criticize Israel?  Can we find and create peace at home?